Gold/Diamond Scan, Week Eleven

March 17th, 2024

15,500 journals scanned, with 1,242,676 articles in 2023 and 1,265,241 articles in 2022. That leaves 4,794 journals still to scan. Of the 15,500 journals, 4,004 have fees and 5,996 do not–they’re diamond OA. Unfortunately, 2,219 will need rechecking, a slow process.

Special cases

  • bi (inactive: nothing since 2021): 384
  • xd (defunct): 179
  • xj (apparently removed from DOAJ): 66
  • xm (malware and certificate issues): 596
  • xn (not OA journals, including those requiring login): 13
  • xx (unreachable or unworkable): 649

While there may be more slowdowns to take care of other issues, “u” publishers (mostly universities, and mostly Hispanic so far) are going well. So it’s likely to be around four weeks to finish the first pass–which is very good.

If I had to guess, most of the “xx” cases will go away (that is, become “a”–ordinary), and with luck a third or more of the “xm” cases also will, but that’s just a guess.


It may be worth noting that I’ve already scanned almost as many journals as the total size of DOAJ as of January 1, 2020; 15,500 compared to 15,666.

Gold/Diamond Scan, Week Ten

March 10th, 2024

Total to date: 14,100 journals, with 1,207,684 2023 articles and 1,226,734 2022 articles. 5,436 have fees; 8,664 do not. 1,952 will be rescanned.

Special cases

  • bi [No activity since 2021]: 358
  • xd [No activity since 2018]: 173
  • xj [Removed from DOAJ since 1/1/2024]: 57
  • xm [Malware/certificate issues]: 527
  • xn [Not an OA journal]: 12
  • xx [Unavailable/unworkable]: 550


I reduced my daily goal from 225 to 200 journals this week to get started on some other issues. The coming week, I’ll reduce it to 150 to make real headway elsewhere–and 100 (or zero) if needed. With luck, the “other issues” will be mostly resolved in another week or at most two.

I’m now in “the U’s” of publishers–which can be extremely unpredictable. Around 60 done so far, and a mere 5,100 or so left to do…

Is the Gold/Diamond Scan Ahead of Schedule?

March 5th, 2024

Maybe not.

At the moment, it seems like it is, with 225 journals a day–which would mean the first scan would be done in 27 more days, that is, on April 1 or 2nd. That’s quite unlikely. Life intervenes: medical appointments, unexpected emergencies, and an expected annual event that has to be completed by mid-April and may take several days to complete.

Today would have been closer to 100 journals had it not been for SpringerOpen, which was very fast to handle (as was Sage last week). I’m guessing that The Big U–the several thousand university-based journals–may slow things down. Expect some days with 100 or fewer and, possibly, one or two with zero. (If anybody else is actually following #goa9 on Mastodon or the weekly summaries here–both admittedly done as a self-incentive).

I’ll be reasonably happy if the first pass is complete by the end of April (quite plausible) and delighted if it’s done by the same time as last year (with a lot fewer journals). Then comes the probably-slow second pass, and a week or so of data massaging, and finally the fun part, putting together the two books. [“Writing” may be the wrong term given that tables make up the bulk of both books.]

If all goes reasonably well, I’ll finish both in the spring (that is, by June 30). Barring major problems, it’s at least fairly likely that the main book and uploaded spreadsheet will be done by then.

We shall see. [Is anybody out there?]

Gold/Diamond Journal Scan, Week Nine

March 3rd, 2024

12,265 journals scanned (about 8,030 left!), with 1,120,731 articles in 2023 and 1,142,072 in 2022. 4,784 have fees of some sort; 7,841 do not (diamond OA). 1,832 will be rescanned, for various reasons.

Special cases

  • bi (inactive since 2021): 309
  • xd (dead/defunct): 153
  • xj (no longer in DOAJ): 50
  • xm (malware or certificate problems): 494
  • xn (not OA): 11
  • xx (couldn’t open or too problematic to use): 514

Perhaps worth noting that xx included one set of university medical journals that just didn’t respond: chances are, they’ll come back (as will most xx journals with any luck).

Gold/Diamond Journal Scan, Week Eight

February 25th, 2024

A good week, with 1,575 journals scanned–but a less-good week, with big clumps of malware (primarily Indonesian).

Of the 11,575 journals scanned so far, 4,333 have fees and 6,742 do not. These journals show 1,035,935 articles in 2023 and 1,055,504 in 2022–subject to further refinement, of course.

1,622 will need rescanning.

Special cases

  • bi: Inactive: 267
  • xd: Dead: 131
  • xj: No longer in DOAJ: 29
  • xm: Malware/certificate problems: 445
  • xn: Not an OA journal: 9
  • xx: Unavailable/unworkable: 439

Gold/Diamond Journal Scan: Halfway Point

February 21st, 2024

While there will be a post for week eight on Sunday, I thought this milestone deserved a special post: 10,150 journals scanned; 10,144 to go. The true halfway journal–that is, 10,147 scanned with 10,147 to go–is Optica (Optica Publishing Group, United States), while the 10,150th is a slightly more prolific title from the same publisher: Optics Express.

So far, I count 983,026 2023 articles and 1,004,737 2022 articles (of course, neither count is final–what with 1,450 journals that need to be rechecked). 4,039 have fees; 6,111 do not.

Special Cases

  • bi (Inactive): 248
  • xd (Defunct): 124
  • xj (Removed from DOAJ): 19
  • xm (Malware/certificate problems): 373
  • xn (Not an OA journal): 8
  • xx (Unreachable/unworkable): 404

Does this mean the first scan will be done in another 52 days? Probably not, but we shall see.

Gold/Diamond Journal Scan, Week Seven

February 18th, 2024

9,500 journals scanned, with 919,241 2023 articles and 939,981 2022 articles. Of those scanned, 3,841 have fees and 5,659 do not. This week should see both the 10K mark and the halfway mark.

Special Cases

  • xx: Unavailable or unworkable: 383
  • xm: Malware or certificate problems: 359
  • bi: Inactive (no 2022 or 2023 articles): 228
  • xd: Defunct (no articles after 2018): 107
  • xj: Apparently removed from DOAJ since 12/31/23: 17
  • xn: Not an OA journal: 8

1,367 journals (including most special cases) need to be rescanned.

GOA8 and Diamond 23 through February 16, 2024

February 16th, 2024

Gold Open Access 8

  • PDF downloads: 522
  • Dataset:85 downloads.
  • Books: none.

Diamond OA 2023

  • PDF downloads: 338
  • Books: none

Gold Open Access 7

  • PDF downloads: 1,476
  • Print version: 1 copy
  • Dataset: 86 downloads
  • Country book: 372 downloads, no print


Gold/Diamond OA Journal Scan, Week Six

February 11th, 2024

The good news: we didn’t lose power during last week’s ferocious windstorms (and rain, but it was the wind…)…and the fence can be replaced, at a price.

This was a strong week in spite of–but  it was a strong week.

So far, 7,900 journals scanned, with 597,937 2023 articles and 613,500 2022 articles (subject to change, as that includes article counts for journals that will be excluded). 3,118 with fees; 4,782 without (diamond). [The ratio will change a lot when I get to the “u” publishers, which all by themselves account for more than 5,100 of the remaining journals.]

Special cases

xm: Malware and certificate problems: 305

xx: Unavailable or unworkable (including timeouts): 300

bi: Inactive, no articles since 2021: 187

xd: Defunct, no articles since 2018: 86

xj: Apparently removed from DOAJ: 12

xn: Not an OA journal: 8

1,145 journals–including many of the above but also others–will need to be rescanned.

Gold/Diamond OA Journal Scan, Week Five

February 4th, 2024

A good week (thanks in part t0 Hindawi) for progress–but a bad week given a chunk of malware-laden journals. I don’t expect to see too many 1,400+/journal weeks, but…

As of now, 6,500 journals have been checked, with 535,147 articles in 2023 and 547,502 in 2022. I’ll have to recheck 915 of them, for various reasons (including all xm and xx below).

Special Cases

237 xx (not available or not workable).

231 xm (malware and certificate problems)

159 bi (inactive, no articles since 2021)

73 xd (defunct, no articles since 2018)

Seven xn (not an OA journal)

Five xj (new code: apparently removed from DOAJ since 12/31/2023).