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Cites & Insights Final Issue (19:9) available

Thursday, December 26th, 2019

The final issue of Cites & Insights (19:9) is now available for downloading at

The 20-page issue includes:

The Front: The Final Issue pp. 1-8

Some notes on 19 years of C&I–the longest and shortest volumes and issues, possibly the most widely-read issues, and a chronological list of the long essays (that turned out to be much longer and more varied than expected). Includes brief notes on the five years of C&I’s predecessors.

Nostalgia pp. 8-20

Some commentary on relatively old (usually) items not previously discussed, on predictions, gengen, failure, blogging and librarians. (Also known as clearing out Diigo for the last time…)

The paperback version of Volume 19 will appear sometime in the first half of 2020, and the C&I home page will be replaced with a final static version in late January–and, if I’m able to migrate properly, will stay around for at least another year.

Cites & Insights 19:8 (December 2019) available

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

Cites & Insights 19:8 (December 2019) is now available for downloading at

The 51-page issue, delayed for a period because of unexpected health issues, includes:

Libraries pp. 1-9

Mostly material from several years ago, that still seems applicable today.

Media pp. 9-16

One group of items on books and reading, another on music and audio.

Intersections: Open Access Issues pp. 16-36

The last OA roundup in C&I, dealing with myths, impact, access, DOAJ and miscellany.

Media: Warriors Classic 50 Movies, 1 pp. 36-51

Twenty-four peplum/sword and sandals movies.

This is not (probably the final issue; that should appear in very late December (possibly as late as December 34 or so…)

Final two issues of C&I delayed, future uncertain

Friday, November 29th, 2019

I had planned to release the December issue of C&I around now–and the final issue near the end of December 2019.

An eleven-night stay in the hospital (sepsis/staph, to be followed by six weeks of daily antibiotic injections and some period of draining) changed all that.

Based on energy and more important matters, the final issues will probably get done. Eventually. The spirit is good, but needing to keep legs elevated a third of thetime, and still not-quite-back-to-normal energy, and being homebound…isn’t helping.

Beyond that, I now learn that my web host is shutting down in a few months, and have to figure out, how, where, or whether to move this blog (tricky because the sitename is based on a domain that’s presumably going away), (where I feel obliged to retain some pages/pointers related to the GOA project for a few years), and C&I (which I’d planned to retain for three years).

Anyway: I’m not dead yet. We shall see what happens.

Cites & Insights 19.7 (November 2019) available

Thursday, October 24th, 2019

The penultimate or, more probably, antepenultimate issue of Cites & Insights, to wit Volume 19 Number 7 (November 2019), is now available for downloading at

This 44-page issue contains two essays:

Intersections: What’s the Big Deal? pp. 1-34

Most of this is about one particular Big Deal, and the heading for that section (actually three sections) should be a clue: Fiat Lux.

The Back pp. 34-44

The final set of little snarky items about a range of things–including a small set of updates on audiophile-approved system prices. The short version: leaving out digital sources and cables, you can get an audiophile-approved system (with speakers and turntable) for as little as $750…or as much as $694,000. For that matter, if you want a Class A (the best, price no object) system and $694,000 seems a bit steep, you can get by for $21,600.

Cites & Insights 19:6 (October 2019) available

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

Cites & Insights 19:6 (October 2019) is now available for downloading at

The 39-page issue consists of a single essay

Intersections: Preditorials and Other Questionable Items pp. 1-39

In what’s probably the last C&I essay on The Lists and so-called “predatory” publishing, this roundup begins with a look at a few of the many preditorials–my neologism (or portmanteau) for editorials and other commentaries based on the notions that The Lists are infallible and that “predatory” publishing is undermining scholarly communications. The rest of the roundup deals with related issues.

This may or may not be the antepenultimate issue of C&I (The Limelighters will never die…); even if–as seems likely given the volume of comments received–C&I disappears at the end of Volume 19, there might be one final farewell issue.

Cites & Insights 19:5 (September 2019) available

Thursday, September 5th, 2019

The September 2019 issue of Cites & Insights (19:5) is now available for downloading at

The 28-page issue–probably the last one that does not feature OA–includes:

The Front pp. 1-4

Two little essays: Why I’m not pursuing an analysis of ROAD, and “should C&I be saved?”

The Middle pp. 4-12

Nine items that didn’t fit elsewhere and don’t deserve the snarky treatment of The Back.


A range of tech-related items, some mostly nostalgia, some still relevant.

Cites & Insights 19:4 (August 2019) Available

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

Cites & Insights 19:4 (August 2019) is now available for downloading at

The 42-page issue consists of a single essay:

Intersections: Open Access Issues pp. 1-42

Thirty-odd items in six subtopic groups, not including items for future roundups (“preditorials,” colors and licenses, DOAJ, and Big Deals including the UC/BigE situation).

Cites & Insights 19:3 (July 2019) available

Friday, July 19th, 2019

The July 2019 Cites & Insights (19:3) is now available for downloading at

This 48-page issue includes the following:

Policy: A Copyright Miscellany pp. 1-33

Four years of items on First Sale, Public Domain and CC0, Piracy and Nostalgia.

The Back pp. 33-48

A year’s worth of audiofollies and a variety of other items from 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Cites & Insights June 2019 (19:2) available

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

The June 2019 Cites & Insights (19:2) is now available at

The 72-page issue includes:

The Front: Some Notes on GOA4 pp. 1-12

A discussion of the new Key Facts tables, and a much longer discussion of how I use pivot tables in a template to make it possible to produce all three books from GOA4 within a few weeks after finishing the data gathering.

Intersections: Economics and Access 2019 pp. 12-72

Probably the last Economics and Access roundup, since 2019 is probably the last year for Cites & Insights.

Why is this a very late June 2019 issue rather than a slightly early July 2019 issue? Because I don’t know how many issues it will take to shut things down nicely. This gives me a little flexibility.

What would it take to keep C&I going, I hear almost nobody asking?

  • A lot more readership
  • Some useful feedback
  • Perhaps some sales of the annual paperback issues
  • And, of course, some sense that it still matters to hundreds of people.

I do plan to keep the GOA series going as long as SPARC finds it worth supporting and I believe I can do it well. I also plan to keep this blog going for a while–and I continue to be active on Facebook, Twitter and Mokum.

If plans do not change, I’ll keep the Cites & Insights site up for at least two years after the final edition of GOA or the final issue of C&I, whichever comes last. (And up for at least that long.)

GOAJ3: February 2019 update

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Readership figures for GOAJ3 (unfortunately missing most of today, 2/28, and the last day of each month)–and, for now, I’ll keep reporting on GOAJ2 as well.

All links available from the project home page, as always.

GOAJ3: 2012-2017

  • The dataset: 959 views, 141 downloads
  • GOAJ3: 2,840 PDF ebooks + 237 copies of first few chapters (C&I 18.3)
  • Countries: 873 PDF ebooks
  • Subject supplement (C&I 18.4): 296 downloads
  • No paperbacks

GOAJ2: 2011-2016

  • The dataset: 695 views, 129 downloads.
  • GOAJ2: 2,459 PDF ebooks (and two paperbacks), plus 1,390 copies of chapters 1-7 (C&I 17.4)
  • Countries: 1,064 PDF ebooks (no paperbacks)
  • Subject supplement (C&I 17.5): 2,047 copies

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