Gold/Diamond OA Journal Scan, Penultimate Week (Week 14)

So far, 19,775 journals scanned (519 remain), with 1,396,763 articles in 2023, 1,425,512 in 2022. Of these journals, 6,545 have fees; 13,230 do not (diamond or platinum OA). Some 3,021 will be rechecked, including all of those below (except possibly xj) and others where it seems likely that 2023 issues have appeared since the first scan.

Barring big issues, this scan will be done this week, followed by some massaging and two or three weeks for the rescan.

Special cases

  • bi [Inactive: no articles since 2021]: 481
  • xd [Defunct: no articles since 2018]: 215
  • xj [No longer in DOAJ]: 114
  • xm [Malware and certificate issues]: 864 (noting that cases where Malwarebytes traps an outbound malware call but allows the session to continue are NOT counted as malware)
  • xn {Not an OA journal–either not a journal or now requires login]: 22
  • xx [Unable to reach or, in a very few cases, unworkable]: 833

There may or may not be another wrapup at the end of the scan, before working toward the rescan.

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