GOA9: End of Pass 2 (start of Pass 2b)

I’ve completed Pass 2, problematic journals and those where it seemed plausible that a new 2023 issue might emerge. Along the way, I also retested 35 of the xm2/xx2 journals, and–to my surprise–found five that could be resurrected looking for other URLs. So, given that there are only 456 of these, I’ll check them one more time.

At this point–omitting those 456–there are 19,563 included journals and 250 excluded journals. The 250 exclusions account for only 438 articles in 2023, which is hardly surprising (the total peaked at 8,511 in 2020). Nearly all of the exclusions so far, 239 of them, are journals removed from DOAJ since 1/1/2024; the other 11 are not OA journals–four encyclopedias and seven journals that now require login with no other obvious means of access (checked twice).

The 19,563 account for 1,441,817 articles in 2023 and 1,443,423 in 2022. 333 of them are at different URLs than the ones that appear in DOAJ. 6,470 have fees and 13,093–just over two-thirds–do not.

Special cases

  • bi [inactive: no articles since 2021]: 521
  • xd [dead: no articles since 2018]: 229
  • Note that many bi and xd have been continued under other names
  • xm [malware, but not in 2023]: 313
  • xx [unavailable or unworkable, but not in 2023]: 138

Yes, there are still far too many malware cases…especially given the xm2 still to be rechecked.

Now, on to the mercifully brief final pass. Then, some time off, and time to massage data, add derived data, and write the book(s).

Oh, and you’ve still got a few days to chime in on https://walt.lishost.org/2024/04/goa9-should-i-post-a-preliminary-dataset/

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