Gold/Diamond Scan, Week Twelve

MODIFIED LATER ON 3/24: It would appear that a whole bunch of “refusals” from one Indonesian university were a temporary outage–so I’m resaving this with modified, and better, numbers

MODIFIED 3/31: This was, of course, week twelve, not week thirteen.


17,000 journals scanned, with 1,285,602 2023 articles and 1,315,137 2022 articles. While 5,619 journals have fees, 11,381 are diamond: no fees. Some 2,556 will need to be rechecked.

A tough week in some ways, as you may see if you compare special case numbers with the previous week (which I am deliberately not going to do!)

Special cases

  • bi [no articles since 2021]: 424
  • xd [no articles since 2018]: 191
  • xj [apparently removed from DOAJ since 1/1/2024]: 86
  • xm [malware and certificate/ssl problems]: 642
  • xn [not an OA journal, including journals that seem to require login]: 19
  • xx [unavailable or unworkable]: 785

I’m out of the universidad/e range and into Indonesian journals. So far, it seems as though some of the malware cases in Indonesian universities may be better.

Stopping a bit early today to work on April requirements some more. Should need about 2.5 weeks to do the remaining 3,296 or so journals…but that rapidly-growing number of  “recheck’ cases is a bit discouraging.

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