Gold/Diamond Scan, Week Ten

Total to date: 14,100 journals, with 1,207,684 2023 articles and 1,226,734 2022 articles. 5,436 have fees; 8,664 do not. 1,952 will be rescanned.

Special cases

  • bi [No activity since 2021]: 358
  • xd [No activity since 2018]: 173
  • xj [Removed from DOAJ since 1/1/2024]: 57
  • xm [Malware/certificate issues]: 527
  • xn [Not an OA journal]: 12
  • xx [Unavailable/unworkable]: 550


I reduced my daily goal from 225 to 200 journals this week to get started on some other issues. The coming week, I’ll reduce it to 150 to make real headway elsewhere–and 100 (or zero) if needed. With luck, the “other issues” will be mostly resolved in another week or at most two.

I’m now in “the U’s” of publishers–which can be extremely unpredictable. Around 60 done so far, and a mere 5,100 or so left to do…

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