Gold/Diamond Journal Scan, Week Nine

12,265 journals scanned (about 8,030 left!), with 1,120,731 articles in 2023 and 1,142,072 in 2022. 4,784 have fees of some sort; 7,841 do not (diamond OA). 1,832 will be rescanned, for various reasons.

Special cases

  • bi (inactive since 2021): 309
  • xd (dead/defunct): 153
  • xj (no longer in DOAJ): 50
  • xm (malware or certificate problems): 494
  • xn (not OA): 11
  • xx (couldn’t open or too problematic to use): 514

Perhaps worth noting that xx included one set of university medical journals that just didn’t respond: chances are, they’ll come back (as will most xx journals with any luck).

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