Gold/Diamond OA Journal Scan, Week Six

The good news: we didn’t lose power during last week’s ferocious windstorms (and rain, but it was the wind…)…and the fence can be replaced, at a price.

This was a strong week in spite of–but  it was a strong week.

So far, 7,900 journals scanned, with 597,937 2023 articles and 613,500 2022 articles (subject to change, as that includes article counts for journals that will be excluded). 3,118 with fees; 4,782 without (diamond). [The ratio will change a lot when I get to the “u” publishers, which all by themselves account for more than 5,100 of the remaining journals.]

Special cases

xm: Malware and certificate problems: 305

xx: Unavailable or unworkable (including timeouts): 300

bi: Inactive, no articles since 2021: 187

xd: Defunct, no articles since 2018: 86

xj: Apparently removed from DOAJ: 12

xn: Not an OA journal: 8

1,145 journals–including many of the above but also others–will need to be rescanned.

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