Final pre-goa9 post: 20,294

20,294? That’s how many journals I’ll be scanning for Gold Open Access 2024 (and Diamond Open Access 2024): it’s the number in the Directory of Open Access Journals at the end of 2023. (OK, so missing the last 100 minutes of the year…)

Roughly 67%–two-thirds–are Diamond, that is, don’t have fees. Roughly 390 journals were removed from DOAJ during the year. Leaving out a few high-volume journals from two high-volume publishers that were removed for failing to meet DOAJ standards, the removed journals didn’t publish that much: omitting the top ten, fewer than 28,000 articles in 2022 and fewer than 23,000 in 2021.

Now (well, tomorrow or Tuesday) I start counting. For frequent updates, follow me on Mastodon or track #goa9. I’ll post less frequent updates here.

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