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Final pre-goa9 post: 20,294

Sunday, December 31st, 2023

20,294? That’s how many journals I’ll be scanning for Gold Open Access 2024 (and Diamond Open Access 2024): it’s the number in the Directory of Open Access Journals at the end of 2023. (OK, so missing the last 100 minutes of the year…)

Roughly 67%–two-thirds–are Diamond, that is, don’t have fees. Roughly 390 journals were removed from DOAJ during the year. Leaving out a few high-volume journals from two high-volume publishers that were removed for failing to meet DOAJ standards, the removed journals didn’t publish that much: omitting the top ten, fewer than 28,000 articles in 2022 and fewer than 23,000 in 2021.

Now (well, tomorrow or Tuesday) I start counting. For frequent updates, follow me on Mastodon or track #goa9. I’ll post less frequent updates here.

Want to follow Gold Open Access 2024 progress closely?

Monday, December 18th, 2023

I’ll post most updates (perhaps daily while I’m gathering data) on Mastodon with the hashtag #goa9.

Those updates will not appear here.

More significant milestones may appear here and on Mastodon with the hashtag #openaccess.

I’m waltctawford and is my home iteration.

In case it’s not obvious: I am no longer on deadbird , and don’t use fb  for much except friends & relatives. And, of course, come January 2 I won’t be spending a lot of time on any social network, as there are more than 20,000 journals to visit.



Gold OA 2024/Diamond OA 2024: Status and plans update

Wednesday, December 13th, 2023

I had originally planned to download the DOAJ dataset again in early November, but wound up doing this on December 1, 2023. The dataset included 20,345 journals, of which 19,565 were in the July 1 version. That meant 780 to have countries normalized, regions, subjects and segments assigned, and publisher and support categories established.

With a change in methodology based on the idea that most new OA journals come from publishers that already have OA journals, even though other events kept me from starting work on these until December 3, I was able to complete the scans by December 7, 2023.

As of now, the dataset includes roughly 2,120 newly-added journals and 3,262 with changes in key fields. 6,611 have fees; 13,733 do not. Of the 1,624 non-fee journals that are not from societies/governments or universities and the like, some 640 are sponsored by universities (and the like), 525 by societies/government, the rest through various means–including 235 where the funding source is unclear.

Plans at this point, changed a bit since the last post:

Journal data

  • I plan to download data again on December 26, 2027 when I anticipate having fewer than 100 new journals. That’s also when I’ll look at currency conversion rates and calculate journal fees. Based on recent experience, there should be more than enough time to handle this by December 30.
  • The final download will be after 4 pm PST on December 31–that is. midnight 1/1/2024 UMT. I’d expect no more than a handful of added journals.
  • With any luck, the new master dataset will be ready for the first pass on January 2, 2024.

Anticipated testing timeline and unknowns

  • At this point, I anticipate losing a lot less time to medical treatments (assuming the prostate cancer stays in remission, which seems reasonably likely), but considerably more time exercising. On the whole, and given the usual slowing with age, I’d expect to get slightly  more done each day than in 2023.
  • Assuming around 20,500 journals to be scanned, I’ll stick with the “sometime in spring” projection–optimistically in mid-May, pessimistically in late June. Which places the new dataset and books in early summer or, optimistically, VERY late spring.


  • Changes made last year will continue.
  • The new dataset and books will carry five years of data (2019-2023) rather than six, partly so there are fewer tables with very small text for very large numbers.

I’ll probably do weekly or fortnightly updates in this blog and more-or-less daily quick notes at Mastodon. I am completely gone from the deadbird site.

Comments always welcome, and I still need suggestions as to how to group support/funding sources for Diamond OA 2024.

GOA8 and Diamond 2023: Through December 9, 2023

Sunday, December 10th, 2023

Gold Open Access 8

  • PDF downloads: 358
  • Dataset:61 downloads.
  • Books: none.

Diamond OA 2023

  • PDF downloads: 206
  • Books: none

Gold Open Access 7

  • PDF downloads: 1,353
  • Print version: 1 copy
  • Dataset: 75 downloads, 479 views
  • Country book: 505 downloads, no print