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Status notes on Gold OA 2024/Diamond OA 2024

Wednesday, September 20th, 2023

First off: Barring major health or other problems, there will be a Gold OA 2024/Diamond OA 2024 set of studies and accompanying spreadsheet.

Here are some notes on a preliminary pass cleaning up some metadata on most of the dataset:


  • In November, I’ll do a second subject/support/country scan for newly-added journals.
  • In mid-December, I’ll do a near-final cleanup and prepare the dataset.
  • January 1, I’ll do final data additions and should be able to start the scan shortly thereafter.
  • The schedule largely depends on personal and family health issues: This year was bad–half a day lost Monday-Friday for seven weeks, and general exhaustion a bit beyond that–but I was still able to finish data gathering in mid-May, do the Gold OA report on June 5, and do the Diamond OA report on June 21.
  • There will be significantly more journals this time around, and once again I’m aiming for “some time in the summer” for both reports–with the hope of dates comparable to this year.


Please follow the link already provided. I could use suggestions on how to cluster support/sponsorship categories for the Diamond OA report.


I’m old. (78, if you’re wondering.) Health issues are always possible. I’m expecting some PT this fall and possibly into next year. I don’t currently believe it will significantly impact the schedule.

And I enjoy doing this and regard it as worthwhile, so I’ll do the best I can.

And, of course, it would be lovely to see one or two print copies of each of the books sold (from which I make essentially no revenue–under $0.50)–but I won’t be holding my breath.

Toward Gold Open Access 2024/Diamond OA 2024: refreshing subjects and support

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

I just completed the pass through DOAJ journals downloaded July 11, 2023 (19,564 of them) to recheck publisher category, refresh/refine subject assignments, and refresh/assign funding source codes for diamond OA journals from publishers other than societies and universities.

All of this is preliminary and subject to further change, of course, but this is a good start. As of today, there are roughly 300 more journals in DOAJ; in November or early December, I’ll do a similar pass of newly-added journals. Note that “no-fee” and “fee” are based on a single column in the DOAJ metadata; some “no-fee” journals have fees other than APCs  and will change to fee in the end. (Best guess: a few hundred.)

Here’s what I see as of now:

Subject changes

  • 3,262 subjects were changed.
  • 1,342 subjects for newly-added journals.
  • 14,960 checked and unchanged.

Publisher category

  • u [Universities, colleges, research centers]: 12,030, of which 9,817 are no-fee and 2,213 have fees.
  • o [Open/not otherwise categorized]: 3,186, of which 1,273 are no-fee and 1,913 have fees.
  • s [Societies, govt]: 2,536, of which 1,876 are no-fee and 660 have fees.
  • t [Traditional]: 1,804, of which 283 are no-fee and 1,521 have fees. Note that–although there are 1,342 newly-added journals–this is a much lower number than in GOA8, as I concluded that some publishers tagged as traditional were really almost entirely open (and quite a few “o” journals turned out to be university or society journals).
  • V [blocked by virus]: four.

Support category for the 1,556 no-fee open and traditional journals

  • u [University and academia]: 610
  • s [Society, govt]: 502 – thus, 1,112 of the 1,156 (71%) are funded from traditi0nal sources.
  • q [Questionable/unknown]: 225. Possible that later investigation can reduce this, which is mostly journals with no stated funding source.
  • c [Collective/consortium]: 106. Includes journals clearly volunteer-run with an apparent intenti0n to stay that way. (Also includes a few supported by multiple institutions, but most of these are in u or s
  • f [Foundation, charity or business]: 62.
  • z [Defunct]: 19 journals that have clearly ceased publishing.
  • i [Initial offer]: 17 journals where the no-fee statement suggests that there will be a fee in the future.
  • d [Donations solicited]: 8 journals that explicitly invite donations.
  • 3 [SCOAP3]: two.
  • x [subscribe-to-open]: two clear cases
  • V [Virus blocked]: two.
  • a [Advertising revenue]: one.

One issue to be resolved before Diamond OA 2024 is done: how to group all but u & s into two or three manageable clusters (or in some cases treat them as u or s).


I’m not sure a list of current subject assignments is useful, but given that there are quite a few more journals, it may be worth noting subjects that have fewer journals in the current list than in GOA8, usually because of refinements/reassignments (and in a few cases clear error).

In alphabetic order, these are biology, earth sciences, education, history, sociology, technology. For education and history, this is partly an explicit shift so that history *of* x or education *about* x is classified as X.


GOA8 and Diamond OA 2023: Through September 3

Monday, September 4th, 2023

Gold Open Access 8

  • PDF downloads: 189
  • Dataset:57 downloads.
  • Books: none.

Diamond OA 2023

  • PDF downloads: 138
  • Books: none

Gold Open Access 7

  • PDF downloads: 1,184
  • Print version: 1 copy
  • Dataset: 423 downloads [typo last month]
  • Country book: 249 downloads, no print