Toward GOA9/Diamond OA 2024

  1. A few otes along the way:
  • There’s been just enough interest in Diamond Open Access 2023 that I’m inclined to do Diamond Open Access 2024 (if the overall project continues).
  • Unless family situations or other events conspire against it, it’s likely that I will propose doing another round–Gold Open Access 2024 (GOA9) and Diamond Open Access 2024. Of course, the proposal may not be accepted..
  • I’m doing some significant cleanup work this summer and fall. To wit:
  • After downloading the DOAJ dataset on July 11–19,564 journals–I began by doing a country span, cleaning up shortened country names.
  • Now I’m doing a full scan to do three things:
  1. Look at subject assignments again, after formulating some reasonably coherent principles for ambiguous cases. The new set won’t be perfect, but should be a little cleaner.
  2. Look at publisher categories again, specifically moving a fair number of single-journal “o/open” publishers to u/university or s/society categories (and in at least one case moving a whole “t”/toll publisher to “o?-open based on the actual publisher description.
  3. For no-fee cases where the category is “o” or “t”, attempt to assign a support/funding category based on what information I can find. Right now, I’m using a fairly long (but still ambiguous!) set of subcategories, but when the task is done I’ll reduce it to two or three categories, The current set:
q: Questionable/unknown
s: Society or societies/gov
c: Collective/consortium
u: Universit(y|ies)
f:  Foundation, charity or business
d: Donations invited
x: S-t-o
i: Initial offer/low-volume
z: Defunct

So far, I’m just over halfway through the scan. Some time this fall, I’ll do a second download and scan newly-added journals. And if there’s no project next year? Such is life.

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