Reminder: I need feedback by Friday, July 7 if possible

I need to make some decisions about the path to a possible GOA9/DiamondOA 2024.

Here’s a link to one post:

So far, the only feedback suggests (indirectly) that my attempts to determine who funds Diamond OA is superfluous, with others doing it better. I’d be happy enough to believe that and scrap further efforts (and maybe scrap DiamondOA 2024?). If you have other opinions and advice, I need to hear about it now.

Also: the decision to continue this unpaid-for extra in the GOA studies is heavily dependent on whether it appears to be useful, as in used, as in strong download (or book sales) counts and maybe even a citation here and there. If you find the book (free or otherwise), let other people know about it. The links are always at

Here’s a link to the other post:

If you think my proposed approach to cleaning up subjects is fine, no need to comment. If not, well, I plan to look at each title (briefly) before the next study cycle begins–thus the July 7 deadline. [I will, of course, read later feedback. I always read feedback.]

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