GOA9/Diamond OA 2024: Path forward

With the singular (and welcome!) exception of Bianca Kramer, I received no feedback or suggestions with regard to plans for Gold Open Access 9 and (if done), Diamond OS 2024–specifically, rethinking and clarifying subject assignments and refining or continuing the Diamond OA analysis of wh0’s funding those Diamond OA journals that aren’t published by universities or societies.


Ms. Kramer’s notes and pointers to findings from the OA Diamond Journals Study suggest to me that others are doing relevant work regarding funding for Diamond OA at a level and with expertise that I can’t match, and that my work in this area may be irrelevant. (Ms. Kramer did NOT make any such suggestion, I hasten to add.)

The lack of any other feedback suggests either that nobody cares or that nobody has anything to say. The ebook are being used (151 downloads so far of GOA8, 82 of Diamond OA 2023), but…

[The fact that nobody mentioned that there was an error in the filename to download the dataset is not reassuring. It’s been fixed.]

So: Either tomorrow or Wednesday, barring last minute comments, I’ll proceed with a pass to refine subject assignments and publisher categories–but, based on what I haven’t heard, I won’t attempt to refine funding sources for diamond OA journals, and probably won’t deal with that aspect if there is a Diamond OA 2024.

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