Refining GOA (DOA) 2: Source/Funding

This one’s specific to Diamond OA 202[4] (if it happens), and will only make sense if you’ve read Chapter 3, starting at page 17. I’ll wait.

The quandary: Is there a meaningful breakdown of journal sponsorship/funding sources, for no-fee journals published by traditional and OA publishers, that has few enough categories to be workable (six is probably an upper limit) and distinctive enough categories that I’d be able to assign them and readers/users would find any meaning in them?

I’m open to suggestions. If, as it appears, close to 98% of such journals are sponsored or funded by (a) universities and the like, and individuals who are affiliated with academia (b) societies and government agencies or (a+b) publishing arrangements backed by one or more societies and one r more academic institutions–well, then, I wonder whether it’s worth the effort to do this. And if doing a meaningful breakdown requires more time or knowledge than I can offer (either or both of those being plausible), then, well…

Chapter 3 attempts to break down the journals in question. Looking at the breakdown, I don’t see a good set of candidates. Maybe one of you will.

In this case, if there’s no feedback or no feasible categories, again by the July 7 deadline, then it’s likely that I’ll drop the Funding category and just use the Publisher category. And, of course, if you conclude that this is a case where there’s little value-add, I’m fine with that.

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