Refining GOA 3: How many years?

This one’s easy, and I don’t need to make a decision until December 2023.

The question:

Should I deal with five years of data rather than the current six?

The issues:

  • The articles-and-journals-by-year tables almost always require smaller type, in some cases very small type.
  • The more data columns, the more possible pitfalls in handling.
  • On the other hand, six years makes for more interesting graphs and multi-edition graphs (although the latter, as in Chapter 4 of GOA8, is a mixed bag: five years for each line might be easier to make sense of.
  • When I’m adding new-to-DOAJ journals, fewer years means less data to have to find and copy.

The small type bothers me. But not a lot.

Let me know if you believe it’s worthwhile to retain the six-year tables (and spreadsheet). Otherwise, I’ll probably simplify down to five years, so that GOA9 would cover 2019-2023.

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