Gold Open Access 8 is now available

Gold Open Access 2017-2022: Articles in Journals (GOA8) is now available in print book, PDF ebook, and dataset forms. The print book–a 6×9 trade paperback with color graphs–is $11.50 (or the nearest equivalent in other currencies supported by Lulu), of which I receive a stunning $0.24. The PDF ebook and dataset are both free, and all versions are CC-BY.

As usual, all links are available at, or you can use these direct links:

The Lulu trade paperback

The free PDF ebook

Figshare dataset

Same dataset on my own site.

Next, some time in July, Diamond OA 2023: The World of No-Fee Open Access Publishing, covering the same years and the no-fee portion of the dataset–but with a little lightweight new research added to give some sense of how such journals are funded (when they’re not directly from universities or societies).

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