GOA8: Progress Report and Prediction

Short form: The book and shared data will probably be available some time between Wednesday, October 24 and Wednesday, October 31 (2023).

That’s also the long form. I’m doing several proofing passes of the manuscript, about to start preparing the covers, and taking the time to do it right. There may be some additional checking on data, but not much–there will doubtless be a few duplicates and other minor slipups, as there have been every year.

As to the next step: Yes, I’m doing Diamond OA 2023: The World of No-Fee Open Access Journals–and I will be including some brief notes on apparent funding for journals not obviously published by universities and societies. (Guess what? They’re mostly supported by…universities and societies.) I’ve done quick checks on 1,800 of these and have about 360 more to check (interleaved with other work). Then it’s a matter of preparing an appropriate matrix and putting it all together. I’m guessing about a month’s work after GOA8 is complete, give or take a week or so. [For this first attempt. I’m including journals that appear to be temporarily diamond and the tiny number that seem to rely on Subscribe-to-Open. If there are later editions, I’ll reconsider those.]

A reminder: The spreadsheet is not intended to be an authoritative dataset; it should never be used in place of DOAJ, for example. On large-scale groupings, I’m satisfied that it’s at least 98%-99% right, but things can happen at the single-journal scale that may get missed.

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