GOA8: Week 13

On one hand, the therapy’s done. On the other, fatigue really has hit me–at the moment, the gain in time and loss in energy about balance. That should change.

I’m still really looking for feedback on the Diamond OA idea (see here).

At the moment, there are 3,470 journals left to scan. That suggests that the first scan should be finished around April 22 (cross fingers). But there are about 2,000 journals left to recheck, which could take another two weeks (unless I opt not to recheck 500+ xx2/xm2 journals, which may be reasonable). Allow another week for normalizing data and a few days to add derived data, and with luck I’ll be ready to start on the book in late May.

The numbers

1,100 more journals checked.

The overall counts at this point:
15,300 journals checked, of which
13,523 published 1,282,430 articles in 2022 and
14,235 published 1,191,360 articles in 2021.

The rest of the numbers:

  • Fee versus diamond/no-fee: 4,840 journals with fees, 10,460 without.
  • New vs. continuing: 1,762 newly-added, 13,539 continuing (including all of the “x”status below).
  • Status code:
    13,585 “a”–clean.
    362 “bi”– inactive (no articles since at least 2020).
    65 “bx”–done but at a different URL.
    94 “xd”–defunct, no articles since at least 2016.
    232 “xm”–malware (but not last year).
    46 “xn”–not an OA journal (including those removed this year but before I got to them) and ones suddenly requiring a login.
    649 “xx”–unreachable or unworkable.
    And the two oddities:
    216 “xm2”–malware, also malware last year
    51 “xx2”–unreachable or unworkable, as was true last year.
  • Ease of article counting:
    “d” 8,212: easiest, taken directly from DOAJ (sometimes with 2022 count modified)
    “w” 950: easy, journal website provides direct numbers at either volume or issue level.
    “f”  4,482: middling; numbers calculated using Find function for constants (e.g. “doi.” or “pdf”)
    “c” 506: slowest; articles counted manually.
  • Why the counts of “ease of…” don’t add up to total journals counted: all xd and bi cases, not quite all other non-a cases. If I couldn’t count them at all…



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