GOA8: Special halfway-point milestone

As of the last 20 journals checked in this year’s scan, I’m now just over halfway through: 9,400 journals down, 9,370 to go. The 9,400th journal (sorted by publisher, then by journal title) is Stem Cells Translational Medicine from Oxford University Press.

There’s another milestone: at this point, scanned journals show more than a million 2022 articles (1,017,142).

So am I actually halfway done? Yes, in terms of effort for the initial scan. No, for the time required. I’ll lose a week or so to a special US mid-April celebration involving reviewing lots of records; I know that the first two weeks of Daylight Savings Time will be slow for me (it’s complicated). I’m hoping that the first scan might be done by mid-May, which could (cross fingers) the data would be ready for final polishing and preparing the books around the start of June. This is much more optimistic than I’ve been, and not an actual prediction.

I’ll do the usual weekly update on Saturday, but thought the halfway point deserved a mention.

And I still need feedback about Diamond Open Access 2022-2017: is it worth doing?

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