GOA8: Week 4

I now know when the seven-week slowdown will begin: February 6. It will take somewhere between 90 minutes and two hours of each weekday’s schedule–and possible side effects might also slow things down. However, I’m finding that this is both going faster than expected and is more interesting and less frustrating than previous years. I’m pretty sure the two factors are related. Could I have used these more effective/efficient methods in previous years? Not really: the data wasn’t there.

This was another very productive week, and I reached a breakpoint I was hoping to reach by the very end of the month: 5000 journals done (well, including 684 that will require a revisit). I might do more journals today, but I’ll count them as “tomorrow,” in the fifth week (and last week before schedule changes).

So:  1,300 more journals checked, The overall counts at this point are 5,000 journals checked, of which 4,400 published 376,863 articles in 2022 and 4,635 published 374,548 articles in 2021. Note that the 2022 article count finally exceeds the 2021 count, even disregarding 683 journals many of which will wind up with more 2022 articles. One reason is the first few dozen Frontiers in journals, many of which are growing rapidly. (I also finished Elsevier, to be sure–but some of the Frontiers numbers are pretty dramatic. There are 60-odd more to go…)

Some details–as always, about the full dataset to date, not this week’s portion.

  • Fee versus diamond/no-fee: 1,910 journals with fees, 3,090 without.
  • New vs. continuing: 657 newly-added, 4,343 continuing.
  • Need rechecking: 684 will be rechecked (including all of the “x”status below).
  • Status code:
    4,488 “a”–clean.
    120 “bi”– inactive (no articles since at least 2020).
    25 “bx”–done but at a different URL.
    25 “xd”–defunct, no articles since at least 2016.
    64 “xm”–malware (but not last year).
    10 “xn”–not an OA journal.
    177 “xx”–unreachable or unworkable. (Last week’s number was a typo.)
    And the two oddities:
    85 “xm2”–malware,also malware last year
    14 “xx2”–unreachable or unworkable, as was true last year.
  • Ease of article counting articles:
    “d” 2,729: easiest, taken directly from DOAJ
    “w”378: easy, journal website provides direct numbers at either volume or issue number
    “f” 1,346: middling; numbers calculated using Find function for constants (e.g. “doi.” or “pdf”)
    “c” 194: slowest; articles counted manually.

And that’s it for January…

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