GOA8: first download, completed

I’ve finished applying subjects and segments to newly-added journal titles–and in a few cases modifying existing subjects. That’s it for preparing the data, except for additions and deletions after December 14.

A few notes about added subjects and countries, for what it’s worth:


The subject with the most added journals is, of course, Medicine, with 352. Three others show at least 100 added journals: Education (142), Language&Literature (124) and Economics (117).

By percentage (new journals as percent of all titles), the two highest are Religion (71 titles, 16.5%) and Technology (42, 16.1%). Others with 12% or more added titles include Sociology (99 journals, 13.6%); Law (87 journals, 13.2%) tied with Mathematics (51 journals, 13.2%); Computer Science (67 journals, 12.3%); Ecology (78 journals, 12.1%); and Education (142 journals, 12.0%). Note that I apply Ecology as widely as possible–to any titles relating to sustainability or environmentalism.

An opportunity: Many journals could be placed in two or more of the 28 subjects I use in the GOA series. If you have personal knowledge of a journal and believe it would be better assigned to a different subject within the 28 (see any of the GOA books for a list), send me email–waltcrawford@gmail.com–between now and May 1, 2023. Include the journal title, where you think it belongs, and the EISSN (and/or ISSN), or better yet the DOAJ URL for the journal info.


Indonesia (as usual) has the most newly-added journals (350 journals, 16.2%); if Indonesia has cleaned up the malware problems at many of the universities, it would have more Gold OA journals than any other country.

Two other countries have more than 100 newly-added journals: the United Kingdom (138 journals, 6.9%) and the United States (111 journals, 10.4%).

By percentages, Brunei has the lead, since its only Gold OA journal is newly-added. Eliminating other relatively small OA publishing countries with either one or two newly-added titles (Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uzbekistan, Panama, Guatemala, Angola, El Salvador, Honduras, and nineteen others with less than 25% added journals), the following have at least one-third newly-added journals: Syria (9 journals, 81.8%); Armenia (5 journals, 62.5%); Nigeria (9 journals, 45%); Egypt (34 journals, 40.5%); Pakistan (46 journals, 37.1%); and Philippines (7 journals, 33.3%).

Of course, all these figures are subject to change.

What’s Next?

The current base dataset covers journals added and deleted through December 14, 2022,

I’ll probably do last-minute changes in two batches–one early next week (or midweek) and one after midnight UMT, at the very start of 2023. As of right now, I see six removed titles and 33 added titles…but those numbers will change. (There may be another 36 titles that haven’t been added to the change log yet…although the chances of my count and DOAJ’s displayed count ever being identical are slender at best.)

Then, on January 2 (or POSSIBLY late in the day on January 1), I’ll start the slog, with quick updates every few days on Mastodon and less frequent updates here. I still don’t know when the seven weeks of reduced availability on weekdays will begin, but certainly not until at least January 15.


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