GOA8: Final download and starting point

The DOAJ folks kept busy–adding seven more journals today. I’ve downloaded, selected, massaged, and saved the final GOA8 base, as I’ll use it starting in the new year–either tomorrow or Monday–to analyze and verify data.

It’s not an exact match with DOAJ’s figures: the Base8 dataset has 18,789, while there should be 18,790 rows. So one journal will be missing. (That’s the smallest discrepancy since this project began.) CORRECTION: I was able to locate the missing journal and restore it. The journal is Nalans from Karadeniz Technical University in Turkey. SO: The numbers now match.]

That figure–18,790–includes 16,741 journals continuing from previous years and 2,049 new to GOA8.

As was true last year, I’ll look at journals in order by publisher and by title within publisher–starting with the journal Analele Ştiinţifice Ale Universităţii Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iași,Sectiunea II A : Genetica si Biologie Moleculara, published by “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași, and ending with the journal مدیریت نوآوری published by مدیریت نوآوری.

[As one who used to work for RLG, the only nonprofit in the Unicode Consortium, the group that developed Unicode, I continue to find it remarkable how easy it is to incorporate nonroman material into a blog post or spreadsheet.]

So the real project begins. Tomorrow or the next day. –

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