The Absolute Bose 3: How much?

How much would you spend to get TAB’s bets system? Hard to say: where Stereophile divides its recommendations by grade, apparently everything at TAB is wonderful, so it’s arranged by price. So I guess the most expensive must be best.

Here’s the picture in 2022:

  • Speakers: Magico M9. $750,000–oh, and you must use two amplifiers (two stereo or four mono). Which also means two sets of speaker cables.
  • Power amp: Burmester 159. $350,000 for two monoblocks–but, again, double that.
  • Preamp: Boulder 3010, $142,000.
  • Phono stage: VAC Statement, $80,000.
  • CD player: dCS Vivaldi Apex, $48,500. [The full “Vivaldi stack” is $140,000, but there’s an Even Better digital, see below.]
  • DAC (digital/analog converter): Wadax Atlantis Reference, $157,000. Really–and it’s three boxes and weighs 206 pounds.
  • Music server: Wadax Reference Server, $76,495 with optical interface.
  • Turntable: TechDAS Air Force Zero with tungsten platter: $550,000.
  • Tonearm (no, TechDAS doesn’t include one): Swedish Analog Technologies CF 1-09, $50,000.
  • Cartridge: Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement V2.1, $17,500.
  • Tape deck: United Home Audio SuperDeck, $89,998. [Of COURSE you need a tape deck so you can play those 15ips tapes that can cost $290-$500 and WAY up.]

So, setting aside power conditioners, record cleaners, and the like, you can get a top-notch system for a mere $2,551,493 (plus tax and shipping). So if you read about spending $600,000 or so to add a proper listening room…well, consider.

Ah, but you still need proper power cables and interconnects: ten AC cables, two pairs of speaker cables, three analog interconnects and two digital interconnects. So…

  • Power cables: Echole Infinity, $24,500 (times ten)
  • Speaker cables: CrystalConnect…Art Series Da Vinci: $48,000 (times two)
  • Interconnects: Nordost Odin 2, $26,999 (times three)
  • Digital interconnects: Transparent Audio XL, $3,670 (times two).

Add that up, and you get $429,337 for cables. So that’s…

$2,980,830. Which if you only have a paltry three million set aside for your stereo system. still leaves almost $20,000 for accessories. Or 1,000+ CDs, maybe 700 LPs, or a few dozen tapes.

It might be interesting to price out a system with components TAB calls bargains or the like. Or maybe not.

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