GOA7: October 10, 2022 stats and a question

As of October 10, 2022, as far as I can tell:


  • Overall report: 736 PDF copies (no books)
  • Countries: 90 PDF copies (no books)
  • Dataset: 152 views, 28 downloads


  • Overall report: 2,453 PDF copies (no books other than my copy)
  • Countries: 318 PDF (no books)
  • Dataset: 719 views, 123 downloads
The last month has seen healthy use of GOA7 PDF (roughly tripling) and modest use of the country book and dataset–and, still, no print books/

Toward GOA8: Country book/PDF?

I’ve raised this question on the GOAJ Twitter account (@GoajWcc), which is what you should be following for more frequent GOA updates and questions: Should I keep doing the Country book (which would once againĀ  focus on the “long tail,” omitting the big publishers/groups)? It’s a few weeks work for me, and I find it interesting and worthwhile–but the very low usage (and zero book sales) make me wonder whether it’s worth the trouble. (It’s an optional part of the SPARC contract.) Please respond, here or on Twitter or at waltcrawford@gmail.com. I don’t really need to decide until data gathering is done (prob. late spring 2023), but I should decide. And, of course, if there is no feedback, that is in itself a form of feedback/ All data and books have links at waltcrawford.name/goaj.html

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