GOA7: September 8, 2021 stats–and a note on GOA8

As of September  8, 2022, as far as I can tell:


  • Overall report: 258 PDF copies (no books)
  • Countries: 53 PDF copies (no books)
  • Dataset: 126 views, 24 downloads


  • Overall report: 2,342 PDF copies (no books other than my copy)
  • Countries: 282 PDF (no books)
  • Dataset: 677 views, 112 downloads

Toward GOA8?

I’ve received from quite helpful feedback on how GOA7 is being used. I could use more (waltcrawford@gmail.com, and comments here will be open for two weeks). Of course, I’d love to see one or two purchases of the books: I believe they’re the best way to look at what the study is all about, and they’re essentially priced at production cost. All data and books have links at waltcrawford.name/goaj.html

2 Responses to “GOA7: September 8, 2021 stats–and a note on GOA8”

  1. Walt – I used GOA7 as a key resource in my recent book chapter, Impact of Open Access on Library Collections and Collection Development Services: With a Case Study of OA From the University of Namibia, in the OA book from IGI, Handbook of Research on the Global View of Open Access and Scholarly Communications. You can access the chapter, https://www.igi-global.com/chapter/impact-of-open-access-on-library-collections-and-collection-development-services/303642.

    I find your work to be very important for the study of OA trends, particularly with the growth of APCs and “transformative agreements”. I hope you are able to find a way or an organization to carry on your work in gathering and organizing the data.

    Thank you for your diligence.
    Karen R Harker
    Collection Assessment Librarian
    University of North Texas Libraries

  2. Walt Crawford says:

    Karen: Because it had a link, your comment required approval–which I’ve done, of course. I’ve proposed an eighth version covering 2017-2022; yours and other feedback were useful in making that decision.