GOA7: It’s out!

I’m pleased to announce publication of the first three of four deliverables for Gold Open Access 2016-2021: Articles in Journals (GOA7).

The color paperback is available for $10.50 US$, and comparable amounts in other currencies supported by Lulu. The link’s a little long, but going to Lulu.com and searching goa7 will get you right to the page. (Here’s the link: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/walter-crawford/gold-open-access-2016-2021-articles-in-journals-goa7/paperback/product-ydvyrz.html ) I profit by anywhere from $0,10 to $0.60 depending on what currency you use (sorry, Canadians).

The pdf–exactly the same body content as the book, but preceded by the front and back covers–is available for free from my website.

The spreadsheet is available at Figshare, but you can also download it from my website.

These are all CC-BY licensed: do what you wish with them, as long as you name the source–and it’s kind to point people to the originals, so I have some idea of usage.

[I’d love to see a few copies of the paperback sold–and I’m almost a bit surprised that some i-school or library school that cares about OA doesn’t have a set of these studies, but that’s just ego on my part, I guess.]

All of these links, and links to all past studies, are at https://waltcrawford.name/goaj.html

The fourth piece? (Gold Open Access by Country 2016-2021: The Long Tail) I’ll be starting on that later this week. The next post on this blog asks pertinent questions about that study.

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