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GOA6: Usage through 1/5/22

Thursday, January 6th, 2022

As of January 5, 2022, as far as I can tell:


  • Overall report: 1,303 PDF copies (no books other than my copy)
  • Countries: 134 PDF (no books)
  • Dataset: 358 views, 62 downloads


  • Overall report: 910 copies (two books)
  • Countries: 211 copies (no books)
  • Dataset: 946 views, 148 downloads

GOA7: a few notes

Tuesday, January 4th, 2022

The first note is that Walt at Random is working again…

Second, if you want to track daily progress, follow me on Twitter. Maybe not every day, but most days. And I probably won’t have loads of other tweets while the scan is going on!

Third, I’ll get back to the stats for GOA6 in a few days.

Finally, a note on why the public dataset and primary book might not happen until September (almost-worst case scenario):

Counting backwards, it takes about a month to massage the data and prepare the book once all data gathering is complete. (It’s that fast largely because the templates are already ready to go–for most tables and graphs in most chapters, preparing the tables and graphs is literally loading the appropriate data into the first page of a spreadsheet and doing one Refresh on each other page. You gotta love pivot tables, specifically the fact that a named source can be everything in a column, and that’s dynamic.) So that takes me to as late as late August to finish data gathering.

Rechecking–going back to problematic journals and ones where it seems likely that more 2021 issues/articles will have been posted between 1/1/22 and 4/1/22–is likely to take up to a month. That takes me to late July.

I’m hoping that the date will move up to mid-June or even mid-May–but life intervenes. (To reach mid-June I have to average 100 journals a day, every day. To reach mid-May I need to average 1,000 journals a week. The former is possible. The latter is increasingly unlikely.)

Fact is, I’m getting older and probably slowing down. And there are more personal and family health issues over time, issues that require time. And, well, you can’t keep doing the scans all day without lots of breaks, even when there are no other issues. At least I can’t.

I thought for a while before proposing to do this seventh version. But decided to do it.

Miracles can happen–some health issues could subside, malware and other problematic cases could subside, and many more journals could fall into the dead-easy category. Based on the first 400+ journals, I’m not expecting loads of miracles.

OK, so this has also been a break… Back to the scan and afternoon coffee break.