Gold Open Access 7: changes from GOA6

I’m getting ready to start the next round (2016-2021)–downloading the DOAJ metadata as of a set date (somewhere between 12/15 and 12/20), matching ISSN/eISSN to prepare new spreadsheet, adding subjects and normalizing country names as needed. [The few journals added to DOAJ between the first download date and midnight 1/1/22 GMT will be picked up the afternoon of December 31. [Of 2,146 DOAJ records added in 2021, only 29 were added within the past two weeks, and typically the pace slows even further around the holidays. This way, probably 98% of the work of preparing the new spreadsheet can be spread out over two weeks or so.]

The following tweaks and changes are planned for this study:

Additional data

At the suggestion of Jan Erik Frantsv√•g, the recently-added field “URL in DOAJ” will be retained, and will be in the shared public spreadsheet.

Change in data handling

Journals with malware issues will not be rechecked unless the issue is a certificate problem.

Changes in basic publication

Fee brackets will change to reflect reality–new brackets being $2,000+, $1,000-$1,999, $500-$999, and $0.01-$499

I will probably add some tables to the five (or six) year comparison chapter showing trends, similar to the tables posted here yesterday.

Changes in country book

This book will reflect the long tail, excluding journals from the “big 9” (or whatever this year’s number is). It should more closely reflect actual national publishing.

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