Possible changes in GOA7 (if it happens)

I’m considering two changes in Gold Open Access 2016-2021 (GOA7), if that happens, and I’d appreciate feedback if you think these are good or bad ideas–as usual, to waltcrawford@gmail.com (or in the comments(,

Malware instances

I’m planning to drop the recheck of journals flagged as malware. It’s a slow process and doesn’t seem to be yielding results. Exceptions: journals flagged for bad/expired security certificates will still be rechecked.

Gold Open Access by Country

This book doesn’t seem to get a lot of use. I still plan to do it, but with a subtitle: Gold Open Access by Country (2016-2021): The Long Tail. The book would exclude journals from the Big 8 (see pages 45 and beyond in GOA6).


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