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NHT: An antidote to NFTs?

Thursday, November 11th, 2021

This is probably a stupid or unworkable idea (unworkable because I don’t have enough followers who would find it intriguing), but here goes:

Non-Harmful Thingies

So you have money and you want a unique digital image that might have some artistic or aesthetic value? But you’d just as soon not contribute to global warming by using vast amounts of energy for cryptocrap? Oh, and you’d like to actually have something, not just a token?

I have a collection of 200+ high-quality original 8×10 photos from around the world, and a list of 25 transforms that still yield interesting images.

You contribute at least $500 to one of these ecologically or socially positive charities: Nature Conservancy, Environmental Defense, World Wildlife Fund; any Feeding America affiliate; ACLU, Americans United, Doctors Without Borders, PPFA.

You email me a copy of the dated receipt and deposit $5 in my PayPal account.

I take the next print in the stack, scan it, apply one of the transforms, add a tiny NHT number in one corner, and send you the JPEG as an attachment. And then delete the transformed scan. I keep track; if (as seems unlikely) all the prints get used once, I use a different transform the second time around. Or you can contribute at least $600 and send a transform number (1-25) with your email. Not that you know which transform is which, to be sure.

You get a probably-unique digital print and a $500 tax deduction (at least in some cases).

At the end of the quarter, or when there have been at least 20 such transactions, I take the PayPal amount and contribute it to one of those charities. (I get that tax deduction, but since I have to report the added income it’s a wash at best.)

Oh, two caveats:

  • Your donation must be in some real-world currency.
  • If you choose to sell the digital print to somebody else, that transaction must also be in real-world currencies. [If I find out that cryptocrap has been involved, I will post a new image that uses the same original and same or similar transform and shame you for violating the terms of the agreement. Not that I’d ever find out…]

So there it is. Probably silly because I have at best a few hundred followers, and I’m guessing most of them with a desire for original artwork that doesn’t increase global warming would use this alternate technique:

  • Go to an art fair or gallery, find something that pleases you at a price you can afford, and buy it.

But there’s the idea. If at least two or three people say “Yes, I might go for that,” I’d , set up a tracking spreadsheet, negotiate one required permission and start filling orders.

An update about energy consumption: scans, transforms and email would all be done with zero energy from the grid–during the day, we’re almost always generating more (solar) power than we use.

I’ll probably delete this when comments close after two weeks, unless there are responses.

GOA6: October 2021 belated report

Sunday, November 7th, 2021

As of November 5, 2021, as far as I can tell:


  • Overall report: 1,226 PDF copies (no books other than my copy)
  • Countries: 80 PDF (no books)
  • Dataset: 272 views, 45 downloads


  • Overall report: 806 copies (two books)
  • Countries: 215 copies (no books)
  • Dataset: 837 views, 215 downloads

Possible changes in GOA7 (if it happens)

Sunday, November 7th, 2021

I’m considering two changes in Gold Open Access 2016-2021 (GOA7), if that happens, and I’d appreciate feedback if you think these are good or bad ideas–as usual, to (or in the comments(,

Malware instances

I’m planning to drop the recheck of journals flagged as malware. It’s a slow process and doesn’t seem to be yielding results. Exceptions: journals flagged for bad/expired security certificates will still be rechecked.

Gold Open Access by Country

This book doesn’t seem to get a lot of use. I still plan to do it, but with a subtitle: Gold Open Access by Country (2016-2021): The Long Tail. The book would exclude journals from the Big 8 (see pages 45 and beyond in GOA6).