Country supplement for GOA6 is out

Gold Open Access by Country 2015-2020 is now available for free download or nominal ($7.50 in this case) purchase as a 284-page paperback.

This year, both the front and back cover feature OA heatmaps–but different ones. The front cover shows no-fee or “diamond” OA by 2020 articles per 100,000 people, with minimum values green and maximum deep gold or red. (The software used, GunnMap, is less sophisticated than GunnMap2, which requires the no-longer-supported Adobe Flash, and partly as a result does not have a legend.) The rear cover shows fee-based 2020 articles–but logarithmically, and “reversed” (lowest is yellow, highest is deep green for money).

The PDF ebook (free) is  available on my website:

The trade paperback is available from Lulu at

As always, all links are available at the project page,

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