Gold Open Access 2015-2020 (GOA6) is out

Gold Open Access 2015-2020: Articles in Journals (GOA6) is out now.

Key figures: a million and a billion–more than one million articles in 2020, and considerably more than $1 billion in possible fees.

The book, a 243-page trade paperback with color figures, is available for $10.50 (plus shipping) from Lulu at (The price is $10.50 in the US; Lulu requires that I set prices in Euros, Pounds, Australian Dollars and Canadian Dollars as well, so I’d guess Lulu prints and ships locally in many countries–and I set the price rounded up to the nearest ,5 or 1 from printing costs in each case. I clear anywhere from $0.08 to $0.40 depending on currency.)

I mention the printed book first because I really believe it’s the best way to browse through my analysis and occasional comments–and having a few book sales, while obviously irrelevant for income, would encourage me to keep doing these exhausting exhaustive studies (if SPARC continues to support them).

But most of you will prefer the free PDF, available at It’s precisely the same content as the printed book: the same PDF used for the book, with the front and back covers added.

The dataset is also available at Figshare, at Since it’s more than 15,000 rows (plus additional worksheets showing currency conversions, codes, and excluded journals), you’ll want to download it).

Everything has Creative Commons BY (attribution) licenses, so you can use them as desired. But if you send other people links rather than redistributing the book or the dataset directly, I can track usage, which is nice.

The country-of-publication book will be ready in a few weeks.

As always, all links are available at the Gold Open Access page at

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