GOA6: First part of second pass

I just finished the first part of the second data-gathering pass–rechecking slightly more than 2,200 journals that (a) seemed likely to have another 2020 issue appear in early 2021 or (b) had less than 2/3 as many 2020 articles as 2019.

In all, counts were changed in 690 of the journals–mostly added 2020 counts but with some changes for 2019 (and, rarely, earlier years) as well. At the end of the process, the 2,200-odd journals show 56,268 articles for 2020 (but 92,225 for 2019: since (b) above meant that every journal with 2019 articles and no 2020 articles was rechecked).

Naturally, the success rate for additional articles declined as the scan progressed, since the time lapse between scans shrank. Counts changed for 273 of the first 550 journals; 207 of the second 550; 106 for the third 550 and 104 for the last 560+.

At this point, 14,054 journals are in place for full analysis, with 1,028,737 articles for 2020 and 860,799 for 2019.

Next step: check the remaining 1,612 journals against the list of journals removed from DOAJ between January 1 and May 2. Then recheck all the journals that were problematic for some reason other than malware, since most of those should be transitory problems.

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