GOA6: Update 8

Time for another GOA6 checkpoint, at 12,800 of 15,676.

Note that, as always, I sort journals by publisher before checking–because many multijournal publishers use the same templates for all journals, making it easier for me to find fee data and do article counts.

For GOA6, that means I’ve now checked through publisher Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and title Mana. So far, the 2020 article count is 911,525, and that will almost certainly go up. The 2019 total for this set of journals is 741,882 articles.

Last year, that range of publishers included 11,402 journals, which published 758,050 articles in 2019. So there’s a net gain of 1,398 added journals so far.

For this group of 1,600 journals–ignoring the first 11,200–problematic journals include 53 malware case and 109 unreachable/unworkable.

Looking more closely at the malware cases for these 1,600 journals, there are eight security-certificate problem, five phishing and 39 Trojans–including seven at Universidade Federal de Alagoas and five at Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros.

How confident am I that we’ll reach a million articles? The remaining 2,866 journals had 95l177 articles in 2019, so it’s not certain, but likely. We shall see…

This is an interesting segment, nearly all university journals from Latin American countries or Spain and Portugal. [Actually, one from Sweden, 32 from Portugal, 160 from Spain and all the rest from 18 Latin American countries, with Brazil accounting for 743.] Unsurprisingly, that also means an even higher percentage of no-fee/diamond than overall (likely to be around 70%): of the 1,434 journals fully analyzed out of this 1,600, only 48 have fees.

I’d say it’s now very probable that the first scan will be done in late April, barring illness or other unexpected events–other things are taking up more time, but some 400 of the remaining 2,866 should be relatively fast. We shall see. That would leave some checking and the long rescans. (So far, about 1,800 journals need rechecking; the final number will probably exceed 2,000.)

So no overall target date yet…

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