GOA: March 2020 update

Readership for the new edition and GOAJ3.

All links available from the project home page, as always.

GOA4: 2013-2018

  • The dataset: 528 views, 179 downloads.
  • GOA4: 2,197 PDF ebooks
  • Countries 4: 432 PDF ebooks
  • Subjects and Publishers: 331 PDF ebooks [Note: based on an almost total lack of interest–two responses to repeated feedback requests, and only one of the two positive–there won’t be another subjects/publishers book.]

GOAJ3: 2012-2017

  • The dataset: 1,865 views, 346 downloads
  • GOAJ3: 3,791 PDF ebooks
  • Countries: 1,182 PDF ebooks

Not directly related, but I’m also checking total Cites & Insights visits–since I’ve promised to keep the site, now static, up at least through December 2021 but possibly no longer.

February 2020: 1,219 visits (as reported by AWStats and excluding visits with no actual reads or downloads).

March 2020: 2,493 visits.

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