GOA: brief notes on journals 10,001-11,000

  • Of the 898 journals for which data has been recorded (102 are either unavailable or have malware or other issues), 224 (25%) have fees.
  • Of that 224, I find that one has submission fees rather than processing fees–and three others have both submission and processing fees. 18 others have fees that vary based on article length (I don’t record that if the surcharge begins at 11 pages or higher) or author count.
  • In 14 of the 224 cases, I gathered the fee status and amount from the DOAJ record because it was not easy to locate within the journal’s website. That’s also the case for 116 journals with (apparently) no fees: info is from DOAJ rather than the journal website.
  • Problematic cases include 43 malware cases (most from one publisher) and 58 that couldn’t be reached or were unworkable. There was also one “xd” (renamed/ceased duplicate).
  • In two cases where I do have data, the URL in DOAJ did not yield the website but a journal title search in Chrome did yield the website. I’m now leaving most such cases for the second round so that I can finish the first scan a bit faster and get problem journals out sooner for fixing.
  • Noting the drop in fee-charging percentage: after Taylor & Francis, Thieme, and Ubiquity, most of these are from universities, with relatively few fees.

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