Trouble finding Cites & Insights?

If you get a 404 when attempting to reach Cites & Insights or any issue of the now-closed magazine, please change “” in the URL to “” and it should work.

I’m attempting to get the aliasing problem solved. (The original domain was always, with as an alias.)

FIXED, and it’s possible it was just my failure to clear a cache. All domains running properly (and the new host, A2Hosting, has fabulous tech support).

FIXED (and maybe never broken) at the domain level but not at the issue level: if you look for an issue and get a 404, make the change above.

Here’s the current status:

  1. The “real” Cites & Insights has always been at, now hosted by A2Hosting rather than It continues to be available and will be (barring disasters) through at least 2022.
  2. That site is static–other than possible messages on the home page (e.g., changes in paperback pricing), there will be no new or modified content.
  3. I’m working on the issues. As part of that work, that domain might disappear entirely for a little while. URLs may yield various error messages (e,g., 404, failure to find domain, security certificate errors). In all cases, if the URL is correct, just change to and it should work just fine. NOTE: As of 4:15 pm Pacific Standard Time on January 28, 2020, I find that URLs are working properly in Edge, Chrome and–once I added a PDF-viewing extension–Firefox. Unless I hear differently, I’m calling this problem resolved.

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