Gold Open Access 2014-2019: Announcement and a Question

There will be a Gold Open Access 2014-2019: Articles in Journals (GOA5), probably out in summer or very late spring. It will be similar to GOA4, but covering a lot more journals (starting with more than 14,000!). As before, thanks to SPARC for underwriting this project and assuring that all results are freely available.

As usual, there will be a spreadsheet on figshare, a free PDF ebook (also available as a paperback priced at the cost of production), and another free/nominal PDF ebook detailing journals by country.

The question: should I do the final piece, a second version of Gold Open Access 2013-2018: Subject and Publisher Profiles?

To put it another way: do a significant number of you find those profiles valuable–enough to warrant an extra week or two of my time? (That’s partly to do a little publisher normalizing, mostly to generate the tables and add a sentence or two on each publisher.)

Last year’s version saw 279 ebook downloads, about half as many as the previous year’s subject coverage in Cites & Insights. I find the profiles interesting, but I’m not sure they’re worthwhile. If I drop the extra publication, I’ll expand the subject coverage in Gold Open Access 2014-2019, making that book a little longer–and the publisher profiles will just disappear.

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