Cites & Insights Final Issue (19:9) available

The final issue of Cites & Insights (19:9) is now available for downloading at

The 20-page issue includes:

The Front: The Final Issue pp. 1-8

Some notes on 19 years of C&I–the longest and shortest volumes and issues, possibly the most widely-read issues, and a chronological list of the long essays (that turned out to be much longer and more varied than expected). Includes brief notes on the five years of C&I’s predecessors.

Nostalgia pp. 8-20

Some commentary on relatively old (usually) items not previously discussed, on predictions, gengen, failure, blogging and librarians. (Also known as clearing out Diigo for the last time…)

The paperback version of Volume 19 will appear sometime in the first half of 2020, and the C&I home page will be replaced with a final static version in late January–and, if I’m able to migrate properly, will stay around for at least another year.

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