Gold Open Access Subject/Publisher Profiles Available

goa4 subjects & publisher cover

I’m pleased to announce the final piece of this year’s Gold Open Access project: Gold Open Access 2013-2018: Subject and Publisher Profiles.

This 6″ x 9″ trade paperback begins with additional tables for the subjects covered in Gold Open Access 2013-2018L Articles in Journals (GOA4). It then adds brief profiles (usually two pages, occasionally one or three) for each publisher with at least ten gold OA journals in DOAJ as of January 1, 2019.

These profiles are split into two parts:

  • Traditional, Open Access, and Society publishers
  • University and College publishers

There’s also a country index for all the publisher profiles. The cover represents those profiles (except for one in Serbia: the free heatmap tool I used doesn’t currently include Serbia–which was also probably missing from the cover of the Countries supplement).

The link above is to the $7.50 paperback at Lulu. The book is also available as a free PDF ebook at As always, you can find these and other links for all GOA versions at the project page,

This is an experiment, to see whether the publisher profiles are worthwhile. If you find them worthwhile, please let me know ( Otherwise, even if the GOA project continues, this will be a one-time experiment.

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