Gold Open Access by Country 2013-2018 now available

I’m pleased to announce that Gold Open Access by Country 2013-2018 is now available. It includes a profile of each country with at least ten gold OA journals active in 2018, and summary notes on each country with one to nine gold OA journals.

Just for fun, I’ve added a thought experiment: if all journals were OA, what would likely expected costs be–under several scenarios and comparing different sets of countries.

As usual, links to the free PDF and nominally-priced trade paperback ($7, of which I get $0.12) are at

To get directly to the book:



There will be a third book in a few weeks, beginning with profiles for each subject and adding brief profiles for a range of publishers with large groups of OA journals–specifically including some of the many university publishers. As with the first two parts, it will be available as a free (CC BY) PDF or as a nominally-priced 6×9″ cream paper trade paperback (price set at production cost rounded up to the nearest $0.50).

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