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GOAJ4: Malware and other issues, part 2

Friday, March 1st, 2019

If you recall this post, the first part included a link to eight malware-infected journals within the first 3,000 scanned OA journals not from one of four countries, and said I’d probably add to that list when I was halfway through the remainder.

I’m halfway through. Of the 3,200 journals scanned in this group, there were four infected journals last year, including one “BM” (an infection at a lower level such that I could analyze the journal while blocking the infected call). This time around, unfortunately, there are more: 14 in all, including three from Colombia, two each from Bulgaria, Iran, Poland, and Ukraine, and one each from Chile, Serbia and Taiwan.

I’ve added those journals to the existing Google sheet and added a column for “Group,” where “2” is the earlier group and “3” the new group. When I finish the scan, “4” will be the remainder. (“1” is the original list of malware-infected journals issued earlier.) Within groups, they’re sorted by country, then publisher.

Here’s the link in plain text:

I’m hoping some or all of these can be fixed; I’ll retest the, no earlier than April 15, 2019.

Other Problems

I’m also posting a Google sheet with XN (apparently not OA) and XX (not usable for various reasons) cases for the first 9,200 journals (except for Indonesia, where those were included in the malware sheet).

The Google sheet is here.

It includes 293 journals. Many of these are transitory problems, but this is still far too many. “Cod” defines whether the journal is XN (apparently not OA) or XX (other problems). “Note” offers a brief note on what’s going on, where I had one–e.g., error 404 (75 of them), ad (10) and parking (15) pages, “to”–timeout (34), “dns”–unable to resolve URL (60), “db”–database failure (13) and others, including blank pages (7).

I’ll run the first retest, of all XM/XN/XX journals and all journals where more 2017 issues might have been added, on April15 or two weeks after I finish the first scan, whichever comes last. I’ll scan remaining XM a third time after finishing that scan. Then comes the fun part: data crunching and writing the books.

I will update both spreadsheets when the first pass is complete–some time in late March if all goes well. Since there were 17 XM and BM journals last year among those 3,200-odd journals, I anticipate slightly more additions than this time around. (Not surprising: most infections seem to happen at universities, and I’m scanning alphabetically by publisher, so U…:about 1,800 plus all the remaining universities that don’t start with Uni…

Here’s a plain-text link to the second sheet: