Malware in Gold Open Access Journals 2018: Part 3, Romania

In last year’s study, Romania had around 290 OA journals, of which eleven had malware–but two of those had the kind of “outbound malware” that didn’t prevent analysis.

This time around, there are around 320–of which 13 have malware. That includes all eleven from last year (I don’t try workarounds until a third pass), so there’s been no improvement.

This Google Sheet shows the 13, arranged by publisher. Note that six journals are from one university (with three publisher names) and four are from another.

Because the “XX” rows (journals not available for other reasons) weren’t interspersed with the same publishers, there’s no reason to believe they’re related, so I’ve only included XM/Malware.

I’ll contact DOAJ (as I did with the Indonesia list and will do with Brazil, probably next week), in the hopes that their contacts can get these squared away. It’s not reasonable for an OA journal to threaten the computers used to access it.

The spreadsheet link again:

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