Diminished Online Presence in Early 2019

Apologies in advance to Twitter folks I mute or unfollow and to Facebook “friends” I unfriend. I’m reducing the flow of online input, while trying to retain some library, open access, family, literature and political stiff–for a reason that should be obvious to anyone following my stuff.

For the same reason, I won’t be posting much here (not that I do anyway), and Cites & Insights may disappear or have mini-issues for a few months.

The Reason: GOAJ4

The reason is GOAJ4: Gold Open Access Journals 2013-2018, which I’ll start visiting journals for around January 2 or 3. There are nearly 12,400 journals to visit (12,378 as of December 18; I won’t know how many more until late tomorrow), more than 1,500 more than the last time around.

It’s neither the largest nor the most difficult of these surveys, but it’s by far the largest for serious OA journals. (The largest was the survey of “grey” OA, which involved more than 18,000 journal titles–most of them empty. The most difficult was probably the first DOAJ-based study, since everything had to be done from scratch, but that was spread over more than a year.)

To get the research done in a reasonable amount of time, so I can move on to the fun stuff (analyzing the data and producing the reports), I have to spend less time elsewhere, and “social media” is the obvious candidate.

In other words: it may not be you; it may be GOAJ.

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