C&I readership in 2018

Since there may not be another Cites & Insights for several months, I thought I’d do a quick wrapup of C&I readership for 2018–noting, as always, that counts are typically about 3% low (because all but the first five hours of the last day of each month are missing).

It hasn’t been a great year: only two issues so far have cleared the 1,000-download mark, and only one the 2,000-download. Oddly enough, the subject supplement to GOAJ3 was not one of them–and, in fact, has done very poorly. Month-to-month trends suggest that shutting down C&I may be happening on its own, little by little–but, including the oddity that every single issue gets some downloads each month (an oddity that makes me wonder whether some of those hits are crawlers that the statistics package fails to recognize as such), there were 150,223 downloads over the course of the year.

Here are the 2018 issues sorted by downloads:

civ18i2.pdf2,268Writing, Wikipedia
civ18i1.pdf1,716OA issues, audio prices
civ18i7.pdf427audio prices, small essays
civ18i5.pdf260futurism, GOAJ commentary
civ18i4.pdf259GOAJ3 subject supplement
civ18i3.pdf201GOAJ3 ch, 1-7
civ18i9.pdf137books and media

Top issues by 2018 downloads

These issues had at least 1,600 downloads in 2018 (including counts for “on” versions):

civ17i1.pdf3,233gray OA 2012-2016
civ14i7.pdf2,239investigating the lists
civ14i4.pdf2,173the sad case of jeffrey beall
civ13i3.pdf1,985acad. Library circ/
civ16i1.pdf1,971ppppread. Article counts
civ12i4.pdf1,930futurism, public library closures
civ12i3.pdf1,872public library closures
civ13i10.pdf1,842books and library ROI
civ12i11.pdf1,670Google book settlement
civ12i5.pdf1,638fair use

Top issues, 2015-2018

These issues have had at least 7,000 downloads since 2015 (including counts for “on” versions but not individual articles):

civ14i4.pdf21,781the sad case of jeffrey beall
civ14i7.pdf12,564investigating the lists
civ10i8.pdf10,321books and publishing
civ12i2.pdf9,153social networks, misc.
civ15i9.pdf7,068gold oa 2011-2014
civ14i5.pdf7,036ethics and access: the “sting”

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