Cites & Insights 18:8 (November 2018) available

The November 2018 Cites & Insights, volume 8, issue 8, is now available for downloading at

The 40-page issue consists of one essay:

Policy: EthicsĀ  pp. 1-40

Starting with the “grievance” hoax, continuing with other stings and peer review, “predatory” nonsense, open access, and various other ethical issues–and ending with some thoughts on society publishers and for-profit publishers.

Will there be a December 2018 issue to close out the volume? Hard to say. One way to help: VOTE. Make sure others VOTE. Some indications that our experiment in democracy hasn’t been completely swamped would be encouraging. I’m more likely to write when I’m not despairing for the soul of the nation…

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