GOAJ2 May update and GOAJ3 First report

Time to start reporting on readership for GOAJ3 (unfortunately missing most of today, 5/31, likely to have dozens of downloads)–and, for now, I’ll keep reporting on GOAJ2 as well.

All links available from the project home page, as always.

GOAJ3: 2012-2017

  • The dataset: 24 views, 2 downloads
  • GOAJ3: 144 PDF ebooks

Goaj2: 2011-2016

  • The dataset: 456 views, 88 downloads.
  • GOAJ2: 1,662 PDF ebooks (and two paperbacks), plus 1,246 copies of chapters 1-7 (C&I 17.4)
  • Countries: 703 PDF ebooks (no paperbacks)
  • Subject supplement (C&I 17.5): 1,790 copies

Gray OA

Why is the gray OA dataset the most widely used? Who knows?

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