GOAJ3: Second note

I’m about 20% of the way through the first pass.

The only noteworthy observation at this point is a more emphatic version of one worrisome note from the earlier post:

  • Indonesian OA seems to have a malware problem. At this point, of 103 Indonesian OA titles checked, 32 are flagged by Malwarebytes Pro as either being malicious or having malware-infected segments. (Others: 9 of 98 in Romania, 3 of 180 in Brazil, two of nine in Ukraine, and one of 287 in Poland.) I’m hoping these will mostly resolve themselves on the second pass (or the third malware-only pass). I will not bypass Malwarebytes or Windows Defender protection. Period. Been there, done that, spent days fixing things.
  • Note that there were only 67 journals flagged as malware in last year’s pass. I now have 47 flagged out of the first 2,260–with more than 8400 left to go. I hope the rate goes down dramatically.

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