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C&I readership in 2018

Monday, December 31st, 2018

Since there may not be another Cites & Insights for several months, I thought I’d do a quick wrapup of C&I readership for 2018–noting, as always, that counts are typically about 3% low (because all but the first five hours of the last day of each month are missing).

It hasn’t been a great year: only two issues so far have cleared the 1,000-download mark, and only one the 2,000-download. Oddly enough, the subject supplement to GOAJ3 was not one of them–and, in fact, has done very poorly. Month-to-month trends suggest that shutting down C&I may be happening on its own, little by little–but, including the oddity that every single issue gets some downloads each month (an oddity that makes me wonder whether some of those hits are crawlers that the statistics package fails to recognize as such), there were 150,223 downloads over the course of the year.

Here are the 2018 issues sorted by downloads:

civ18i2.pdf2,268Writing, Wikipedia
civ18i1.pdf1,716OA issues, audio prices
civ18i7.pdf427audio prices, small essays
civ18i5.pdf260futurism, GOAJ commentary
civ18i4.pdf259GOAJ3 subject supplement
civ18i3.pdf201GOAJ3 ch, 1-7
civ18i9.pdf137books and media

Top issues by 2018 downloads

These issues had at least 1,600 downloads in 2018 (including counts for “on” versions):

civ17i1.pdf3,233gray OA 2012-2016
civ14i7.pdf2,239investigating the lists
civ14i4.pdf2,173the sad case of jeffrey beall
civ13i3.pdf1,985acad. Library circ/
civ16i1.pdf1,971ppppread. Article counts
civ12i4.pdf1,930futurism, public library closures
civ12i3.pdf1,872public library closures
civ13i10.pdf1,842books and library ROI
civ12i11.pdf1,670Google book settlement
civ12i5.pdf1,638fair use

Top issues, 2015-2018

These issues have had at least 7,000 downloads since 2015 (including counts for “on” versions but not individual articles):

civ14i4.pdf21,781the sad case of jeffrey beall
civ14i7.pdf12,564investigating the lists
civ10i8.pdf10,321books and publishing
civ12i2.pdf9,153social networks, misc.
civ15i9.pdf7,068gold oa 2011-2014
civ14i5.pdf7,036ethics and access: the “sting”

GOAJ3: December 2018 report

Monday, December 31st, 2018

Readership figures for GOAJ3 (unfortunately missing most of today, 12/31, and the last day of each month)–and, for now, I’ll keep reporting on GOAJ2 as well.

All links available from the project home page, as always.

GOAJ3: 2012-2017

  • The dataset: 862 views, 123 downloads
  • GOAJ3: 2,540 PDF ebooks + 201 copies of first few chapters (C&I 18.3)
  • Countries: 782 PDF ebooks
  • Subject supplement (C&I 18.4): 259 downloads
  • No paperbacks

GOAJ2: 2011-2016

  • The dataset: 667 views, 125 downloads.
  • GOAJ2: 2,403 PDF ebooks (and two paperbacks), plus 1,378 copies of chapters 1-7 (C&I 17.4)
  • Countries: 1,026 PDF ebooks (no paperbacks)
  • Subject supplement (C&I 17.5): 2,027 copies

Gray OA

Diminished Online Presence in Early 2019

Sunday, December 30th, 2018

Apologies in advance to Twitter folks I mute or unfollow and to Facebook “friends” I unfriend. I’m reducing the flow of online input, while trying to retain some library, open access, family, literature and political stiff–for a reason that should be obvious to anyone following my stuff.

For the same reason, I won’t be posting much here (not that I do anyway), and Cites & Insights may disappear or have mini-issues for a few months.

The Reason: GOAJ4

The reason is GOAJ4: Gold Open Access Journals 2013-2018, which I’ll start visiting journals for around January 2 or 3. There are nearly 12,400 journals to visit (12,378 as of December 18; I won’t know how many more until late tomorrow), more than 1,500 more than the last time around.

It’s neither the largest nor the most difficult of these surveys, but it’s by far the largest for serious OA journals. (The largest was the survey of “grey” OA, which involved more than 18,000 journal titles–most of them empty. The most difficult was probably the first DOAJ-based study, since everything had to be done from scratch, but that was spread over more than a year.)

To get the research done in a reasonable amount of time, so I can move on to the fun stuff (analyzing the data and producing the reports), I have to spend less time elsewhere, and “social media” is the obvious candidate.

In other words: it may not be you; it may be GOAJ.

Cites & Insights 19:1 available

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

Cites & Insights for January 2019 (19:1) is now available for downloading at

The 42-page issue–out early, before I dive deep into Gold Open Access Journals 4–consists of a single essay/roundup:

Intersections: Open Access Stuff (pp. 1-42)

Catching up on OA-related stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into one of the areas I’ve dealt with recently–that is, stuff that’s not about big deals, creative commons licenses, the colors of OA, economics, libraries, peer review, “predatory,” or overarching OA issues. Oh, and also not about PlanS. 

Can I also note here how much I am NOT in love with the newest iteration of WordPress’ oh-so-friendly WYSIWYG interface? It’s the first one in a while that’s so user-friendly it actively gets in my way. But never mind…

I’ve written way too much on OA…

Sunday, December 9th, 2018

For those who care about what I have to say about open access, including the original research I’ve done (in addition to the SPARC-sponsored GOAJ series), I’ve prepared and will try to maintain a page listing all of the Cites & Insights essays on OA-related topics since 2012, with an order link for the paperback collection of earlier essays.

The page is available at

Cites & Insights volume 18 available in paperback

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Cites & Insights 18 (2018) is now available in paperback for the usual $35.00.

The 462-page 6×9″ paperback includes all nine issues of Volume 18, and adds indexes only available in the paperback.

If you’re a Lulu user or check the front page, look for the frequent discount codes…

Visibility: One last time

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

I need to decide whether to include a more granular Visibility measure in GOAJ4: Gold Open Access Journals 2013-2018 or whether to drop the measure altogether.

Here’s the discussion of the measure and the choices.

Comments are open for two weeks. If comments between now and December 16 are the same as they’ve been so far–that is, nonexistent–I will take absence of evidence to be evidence of absence: that nobody cares about the measure.

In which case I’ll drop it, to save some work, one spreadsheet column and a few pages in the books.

Comments can go here or directly to

GOAJ3: November 2018 report

Friday, November 30th, 2018

Readership figures for GOAJ3 (unfortunately missing most of today, 11/30, and the last day of each month)–and, for now, I’ll keep reporting on GOAJ2 as well.

All links available from the project home page, as always.

GOAJ3: 2012-2017

  • The dataset: 761 views, 97 downloads
  • GOAJ3: 2,466 PDF ebooks + 186 copies of first few chapters (C&I 18.3)
  • Countries: 737 PDF ebooks
  • Subject supplement (C&I 18.4): 241 downloads
  • No paperbacks

GOAJ2: 2011-2016

  • The dataset: 642 views, 119 downloads.
  • GOAJ2: 2,345 PDF ebooks (and two paperbacks), plus 1,359 copies of chapters 1-7 (C&I 17.4)
  • Countries: 967 PDF ebooks (no paperbacks)
  • Subject supplement (C&I 17.5): 1,998 copies

Gray OA


Cites & Insights 18:9 (December 2018) available

Monday, November 26th, 2018

Cites & Insights 18:9 (December 2018) is now available for downloading at

The 36-page issue includes:

The Front  pp. 1-2

Notes on GOAJ4 and what it means for Volume 19 of Cites & Insights.

Words: Books, Ebooks and Libraries  pp. 2-26

Not just “books, print vs. e” but a broader range of notes on books, including a couple of library-related items.

Media: Media Notes  pp. 26-36

Two parts: magazine notes (including some anecdata about individual magazine changes) and other media notes.

That’s it. For the hundreds dozens one or two of you eagerly awaiting the print volume, index and all, I’ll post something when it’s available, probably in mid-December.

Possible temporary outage at Cites & Insights

Monday, November 26th, 2018

If you’re unable to download any issues of Cites & Insights or, indeed, reach the home page:

It’s my fault. I may have mistakenly hit a key while getting ready to upload the December 2018 Cites & Insights and deleted the entire site on my host. And I’m not enough of an expert (putting it mildly!) to undo the deletion cleanly. I’ve asked for help from my host.

The site will be restored as soon as possible.

Thanks to Blake Carver’s fast work, the site is back. The fault was ENTIRELY mine, and LISHost continues to be a great place to host library-related sutes.